Our flagship retail shop started life in 1998 as a show room to display our wholesale products to chefs. News of the wide range of high quality products soon spread and so many people wanted to buy our goods, it quickly developed into a delicatessen in its own right.

Today, it is the retail outlet for our wide range of high quality produce. Our range includes both fresh meat, some frozen meat, fish and poultry, charcuterie, cheeses. fresh vegetables and fruit, as well as our famous bread and pâtisserie products.  

Our fresh meat comes mainly from Australia and America. We stock a range of different grades of meat, particularly steak, although all of it is of the highest quality. We also try to ensure all our meat is reared ethically. Our poultry supplier in Australia is famous for only using ‘free range’ methods for his flock – we think you can tell the difference in the flavour of the meat!

In addition to our well-known range of fresh meat, we have been making our own range of sausages for almost two years now. Contrary to the popular myth about sausages, we use only the finest quality meat and natural casings in ours, and add no preservatives.

We also stock a wide range of charcuterie products, cheeses, and ‘deli products’ such as antipasto.

More recntly, we have been baking a range of different breads. Now we have installed bigger ovens in our bakery, we will be producing an expanded range of pies, cakes and other patisserie.