TC Food Services has been a supplier of the highest quality food products to leading hotels, restaurants and clubs throughout Hong Kong since 1990. Henry Theil, the proprietor, has extensive experience in the food industry both here in Hong Kong and overseas and can offer clients advice on all their needs.


Wholesales Products List

U.S.D.A. CHILLED BEEF —-Brand:Swift &Greekstone Farms

“1855” Tenderloin,Peeled Side Muscle On           2.5kg+

Prime Graded Striploin 0x1                                5 kg+

Prime Graded Beef Ribeye 1×1                           5 kg+

Certified Angus Beef Ribeye,LIP ON                     5 kg+

Prime Graded Short-Rib Boneless                       5 kg+


120 Days Grain Fed BLACK ANGUS Chilled BEEF — Brand:Cargrill Excel Australia

Tenderloin,Trimmed Side Strip Off                        1.8 kg+

Striploin                                                                   5 kg+

Ribeye, 0x0 Trimmed                                               5 kg+

Prime (O.P.) /Export Ribs                                         8 kg+

Whole Shortloin (T                                                   6 kg+

Chunk                                                                     6 kg+

Rump                                                                      6 kg+


Riverine Premium — Chilled Australia Beef, Marble Score 2+

Striploin                                                                 5 kg+

Ribeye                                                                    5 kg+

Tenderloin, Side Muscle On                                    2.5 kg+


100 Days Grain Fed Chilled BEEF — Brand: Cargrill Excel Australia

Tenderloin ,Side Strip Off                                      1.6 kg+

Ribeye ( Cuberoll)                                                  3  kg+

Striploin                                                                4.5kg -6 kg

Export (O.P. ) Prime Ribs                                       6 kg+

Short Ribs Bone In                                                 1  kg+

Frozen Beef Leg                                                     20 kg +/PC

Frozen Beef Cheek                                                 27 kg+



Veal Tenderloin                                                     1kg+

Veal Striploin, Trimmed                                        1.5 -2.5 kg

Veal Rack (Cap Off,Frenched)                                1 – 1.5 kg

Veal Shank Whole Frozen                                      1 – 1.5 kg

Veal Rump                                                             1 – 2 kg

Veal Topsides                                                         2 -2 kg


Australian Moisture Infused Pork—-Succulence Guaranteed

Well it’s the fact that it’s been moisture- infused to bring you a more flavoursome and tender meat.

Frozen Spare Ribs                                               200 -400 g

Chilled Fillets Tenderloin                                   200 – 250 g

Pork Belly Skin On                                              3.4  kg

Pork Loin Boneless Skin On                                4.6 kg

Pork Rack Cap Off                                               3 kg


~~Hazeldene’s Chicken~~Free Range, Not Caged,

As one of only a few Free Range accredited operations ,birds run free of their sheds, In secured environs on fresh forage during the day,before returning back into the sheds at night,to be housed safe

Frozen Whole Chicken #22                                 2.2 kg/pc

Frozen Whole Chicken # 12 @1.2Kg                    1.2 kg/pc

Frozen Quail @0.19-0.22g                                 6 pcs/bag

Frozen Spring Chciken                                        450g

Free Range Multi Grain Fed

Frozen Chciken #18 @1.80 kg                              

Frozen Tenderloin @800g

100% Australian Ground Meat Raw Sausages (Natural Casing)

Beef Sausages                                                      60 gm

Lamb Sausages                                                    60 gm

Chicken Sausages                                                60 gm

English Breakfast Sausages                                  60 gm

Italian Sausages                                                   60 gm

Mexican Sausages                                                60 gm

Cumberland Sausages                                          60 gm

Frozen Seafood & Stocks

Frozen Barramundi Fillet                                      10 kg/Box

Orange Rougy Fish Fillet                                        5 kg /Box

Ocean Trout Fish Fillet                                           5 kg /Box

Tuna Steak Portion @200g                                   10 kg/ Box

Ling Fillet                                                             10 kg/ Box

Calamari Tempura                                                  5 kg /Box

Potato Wedges                                                     12 kg / Box

Cooked Hams & Cold Cut

B/In Leg Ham (Full)                                                11 kg / pc

B/In Leg Ham (Halves)                                            5 kg /pc

Ezy Cut Leg Ham                                                    8 kg /pc

Flat Double Smoked Virginia Ham                          3.5 kg /pc

Gammon Ham                                                         6.2 kg / pc

Honey Leg Ham                                                      5 kg / pc

Semi B/Less Picruic Shoulder Ham                         3.5 kg /pc

Premium Leg Ham                                                  7 kg /pc

Fresh Bacon

Rind On Bacon Middle Rashers                                  2.5 kg /pkt

Streakt (Belly) Bacon Rashers                                 2.5 kg /pkt

Australian Cheese

King Island Wickham Brie                                          1 kg

King Island Camembert                                             1 kg

King Island Brie Wood Box                                        6 x 200g

King Island Camembert                                            6 x 200g

Light House Blue Brie                                               6 x 200g


King Island Triple Cream Brie                                     1 kg

King Island South Bay Triple Cream Brie                     250 g


King Island Strokes Cheddar Smoked                         12 x 220g

King Island Strokes Point Smoked Cheddar                 2.9 kg

Surprise Bay Cheddar                                                   2 kg

Vintage Cheddar


King Island Lighthouse Blue                                        1 kg

King Island Bass Strait Blue                                         1 kg

King Island Endeacour Blue                                         2 kg


South Cape Goats Palin                                                12 x 150g

South Cape Goats Ash                                                  12 x 150g

South Cape Goats Plain Log                                          1 kg


South Cap Bocconcini Paddle Case                                6 x 180 g

South Cap Mascarpone                                                  6 x 250 g


South Cap Fetta Basil Pesto                                           12 x 200 g

South Cap Fetta Garlic                                                   12 x 200 g  

Soulth Cap Fetta Sundried Tomato                                12 x 200 g


Thickened Cream 5lt                                                      5 ltr

 Dry Goods

South Cape Crispbread Blue Poppy Seed Rye                  12 x100 g  

South Cape Crispbread Classic                                      12 x100 g 

South Cape Crispbread Pepper & Sesame                       12 x100 g 

South Cape Crispbread S/dried Tomatoes/Chives         12 x100 g

Filo Pastry                                                                      12 pcs/ box

Kadaifie Pastry                                                                5 kg /box

Organic Veggi Eggs  (12 dozen)            


Heavenly Organic–Hummus

Plain   Hummus                                                             300 g

Chilli Hummus                                                              300 g

Pumpkin Hummus                                                        300 g

Beetroot Hummus                                                         300 g

~~ Edgewater Lamb ~~

Naturally Fed , free from any artificial additives, lean and tender, delicious and mild tasting.


Tenderloin                                Fully Denuded                 60 g

Rack Rap Off                             Frenched                         800 g

Rump                                        Fully Denuded                 210 g

Lamb Oven Ready Legs              Chump,Shank On           3 kg

Lamb Shoulder Boneless            Netted                            1.6 kg

Lamb Boneless Legs                   Chump, Shank Off         2.1 kg

Lamb Shanks Frenched              Tipped & Frenched         320 g

Lamb Breast & Flap( Belly)          Bone in                           1.7 kg

Lamb Shoulder Rack                  3 Bones Frenched           220 g

Lamb Loin Saddle                      Fully Denuded                65 g


 SOUR DOUGH LIGHT RYE BREAD                                    630GM Each in Weight  7 pcs/ box

TURKISH BREAD(May contain traces of nuts)                                      430GM Each in Weight    10 pcs/ box

MINI TURKISH BREAD(May Contain traces of nuts)                          400GM for 3 Pcs in pack,10 Packs/Box

TURKISH SPELT BREAD                                                    430GM Each in Weight,10 Pcs /Box

WHOLE MEAL TURKISH BREAD(May contain traces of nuts)        430GM Each in Weight,10 Pcs / Box

MINI WHOLEMEAL TURISH BREAD(May contain traces of nuts) 400GM in Weight for 3pcs,10 Pcs / Box

 MINI ROUND TURKISH BREAD(May contain traces of nuts)        80GM Each in Weight,50 pcs / Box




Marinated Herring (Plain,Curry,Spiced)                @600gm             

Shrimp In Brine                                                    @450gm                                                                

OLD Cheese Fat 45%                                            @6kg                                                             

HAVARTI Cheese                                                 @6kg                                                                   

Danbo 45% Cheese                                              @kg                                                                

Pork Loin Boneless Skin-Off                                                           

Liver Pate                                                             @500gm/Tray                                                             

Cocktail Sausages                                                                          

Castello (White/Blue)                                            @15g                  

Bouillon (Beef Chciken)                                         @ 1kg /Pail                

Fried Onion @500g                                               @500g                          

Salami                                                                   @2.5kg+                         

(Old Fashion,Garlic,Cognac,Pepper)



Australia Fine Terrine,Pate,Paste

Wild Games Pate                                   @2.5kg

French Pate                                           @1.8kg

Pepper Pate                                           @1.8kg

Farmhouse Pate                                    @1.8kg

Salmon Mousse                                    @1.8kg

Orange Cognac Pate                             @1.8kg

Black Pepper Port Pate                          @1.8kg